Thailand Elections : PPP grabs majority of seats / Mr Samak declares victory

December 24th, 2007 - 2:23 am ICT by admin  

With 92 percent of the votes counted near midnight, unofficial results showed that People Power Party (PPP) has grabbed 228 seats whilst its rival Democrat party had 166 seats from a total of 480 seats of both constituency and party-list candidacy. In all, 241 seats are needed for a majority.

Mr. Samak SundaravejAt the same time, the PPP’s leader, Mr. Samak Sundaravej (สมัคร สุนทรเวช), has recently declared his victory in the national election yesterday (December 23rd), adding that he is now ready to be the 25th prime minister. He says for the first time after the election that he would like all political parties to join the government and is ready to form the next government.

The jubilant PPP leader also said that former Thai Rak Thai leader Thaksin Shinawatra had called to congratulate on his victory. Mr Samak told a crowd of journalist that the coup is dead and the people’s support today has sent a solid message to the Thai military. The PPP had earlier accused the Council of National Security (CNS) of unfairly trying to stop the PPP from winning enough seats to control the government. In its party campaign, Mr Samak promises to continue Mr Thaksin policies including subsidized health care and cash payments to villages. In 1976, Mr Samak was interior minister when troops opened fire on student protesters, killing at least 46, and was also deputy prime minister during the killing of the demonstrators in 1992. By tying himself to the Thaksin era, he seeks to benefit from voter memories of strong economic growth.

Source : National News Bureau Public Relations Department

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