Tales of bribery from Ramlila Maidan

August 23rd, 2011 - 4:42 pm ICT by IANS  

New Delhi, Aug 23 (IANS) At least one out of every 10 anti-corruption protester at Ramlila Maidan has greased palms to get work done - ranging from approval of building plans to university admission. In most cases, the recipient is none other the government officer, the protesters claim.

Banker S.C Gupta: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.50,000 for the approval of my building plan.”

Private sector employee Shankar: “I was forced to give a bribe of Rs.1,000 in order to get my Income Tax refund of Rs.12,000.”

Contractor Inderbir: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.1,00,000 for the admission of my son in I.P. University for the MCA course.”

Businessman Sandeep: “I was stopped by the policemen when the area was barricaded and I had to pay Rs.200 only because I was carrying household items in my car”.

Trader Raja: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.18,000 for the admission of my son in Class 11 in Abhinav Public School.”

Private sector worker Danni: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.1,500 to the MCD officials as they rejected my land approval application even after all my documents were up to the mark.”

Private company employee Bhuwan: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.500 to the police officials in order to get my passport.”

Executive Puneet: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.50 to the Ghaziabad railway police when they refused to lodge FIR when I lost my cellphone.”

Chartered accountant Surender: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.5 lakh to the Income Tax officials in order to scrutinise a case of my client.”

Businessman R. Chopra: “I had to pay Rs.500 to the electricity department when they said my meter was faulty and 40 percent extra will be charged for the last six months.”

NGO worker B. Prasad: “I am trying to start a government project of Rs.15 crore for the last seven years and the government had also approved it, but now they are asking for bribe.”

Gurgaon resident V. Bandre: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.5,000 for the registration of a single window house.”

Private sector employee Ajay Kumar: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.2,000 in order to get my Provident Fund of Rs.2,50,000.”

Relationship manager Rahul Gupta: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.800 to get my driving license from Ashok Nagar authority.”

Uttar Pradesh official’s son Santosh Kumar Pandey: “U.P. government officials forcibly take Rs.5,000 from clerks and Rs.10,000 from officers during Mayawati’s birthday.”

IT professional Pankaj: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.4,000 to get my father’s Travel Allowance of Rs.40,000.”

LIC advisor Rajesh: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.9,000 in order to settle the extra bill charged by the electricity department.”

Director of a company Nilay: “I had to give a bribe of Rs.10,000 for my apartment registration in Bangalore.”

Businessman Manoj: “I had to pay bribe of Rs.2,000 to the MCD officials in Rajouri Garden to get 20 copies of my father’s death certificate.”

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