Sudan plane crash killed over 100 people

June 11th, 2008 - 1:31 pm ICT by admin  

More than 120 passengers burned to death and around 20 missing when a Sudan Airways Airbus caught fire after landing at Khartoum airport Tuesday.

A Sudanese Airbus 310 carrying more than 200 passengers burst into flames shortly after landing at Khartoum airport on Tuesday night. An official said more than half of the passengers were feared killed in the burning flame, dozens of them were missing and the actual cause of the plane catching fire is unknown.

Some of the passengers said that it was because of the weather condition at the time of landing was bad. One survived passenger said the plane tried to land but the captain told them they couldn’t land because of bad weather and said they then flew to the Red Sea city of Port Sudan and circled before returning to Khartoum an hour later. When the pilot tried to land, the place crashed.

There is also a report from an eye witness that the fire started from right wing of the plane when it was going to land and then the whole body of the plan had engulfed in frame immediately after. Some of the Sudanese passengers tried to escape via the emergency door and did not inform officials as being reported to be missing. The airport’s head of medical services, Major General Muhammad Osman Mahjoub, said to television reporter that there are 120 dead bodies and 97 survivors.

There were slightly different reports that caused the accident. The head of Sudanese police, Muhammad Najib, said the poor weather conditions had “caused the plane to crash land, split into two and catch fire“. He added: “We believe that most of the passengers were able to make it out and escape with their lives.”

But Youssef Ibrahim, director of Khartoum airport, told Sudanese TV the plane that the plane had landed safely and the real cause is not because of the bad weather but one of the plan engines was explored and the whole plane caught fire.

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