Portobello estate in Corona del Mar

May 27th, 2008 - 6:36 pm ICT by David M N James  

PortabelloThe Portabello is ranking as America’s third most expensive property, priced at $75 million. Probably the most attractive maisonettes in the history of architecture, Portabello is a wonder among the elite and has become an irresistible eyesight. Portobello estate in Corona del Mar, California is an ultramodern home and is listed as one of the most expensive homes in the world. Portabello has beat Donald Trumps $50 million home by earning praise and a Forbes coverage due to its homely nature and the serenity of its surroundings. Portabello has become the highlight in billionaires and Hollywood stars for its absolute tranquility. According to literature on the background and profile of Portabello, Portabello is an art form which adds panache to its natural environment. The exquisite Italian description is“beautiful door”.

The home was featured in 2006 as an upcoming competitor of luxury homes in California and has fulfilled this anxiety of bookmakers that it would hit a $75 million value in 2008. Portbello is worth over $75 million at the current real estate value. Portabello has eight bedrooms which are deemed as the hearst of the mansion. It has a glamorous and tranquil 30,000 square feet of interior space and the most baby blue like private beach.

Portabello failed to make the headlines this year on the top best homes elite group. The Portabello value date line seems to be far away since the market value of this beautiful establishment is yet to be achieved. The home has attracted a $5million increase in value up from its previous $70million. Brokers in the business say some homes have hit the $100 million optimum and they seem to keep gaining. Portbello hardly made it to that tier and its playing second fiddle.

The estate features as America’s most expensive estates. Agents have been looking for buyers though various billionaires have been buying in Palm Beach leaving this high end, tranquil abode alone. Portabello features dominantly as an expensive, exquisite luxury mansion in California.

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