Pooja Gandhi shines in ‘Anu’ (Kannada Film Review)

January 11th, 2009 - 4:42 pm ICT by IANS  

Film: “Anu”; Cast: Pooja Gandhi, Baalu, Naag Kiran, Sundar Raj, Duniya Rashmi, Ramesh Bhat and others. Director: Shiva Ganapathy; Story-Screenplay: Ravi Babu; Producer: Baalu; Camera: Niranjan Babu; Music: Shekhar Chandru; Rating: ***”Anu” is a Kannada remake of director Ravi Babu’s Telugu Hit film “Anasuya”, which had Bhoomika Chawla in the lead. Released in 2007, the story and screenplay of the Telugu film was heavily inspired by Hollywood films - “Silence of the Lambs” and “Bone Collector”.

The Kannada version is directed by Shiva Ganapathy, who had assisted Ravi Babu in the making of the Telugu original. He has been faithful to the original. What makes “Anu” different is the way Pooja Gandhi and Baalu have performed in their respective roles. It looks as if the roles were tailor-made for them.

The film’s plot is perfect and is constructed so skilfully that suspense elements become intense in every sequence. Technically too the film is very sound and background score suits the subject.

The story revolves around Anu, who joins a TV channel as an investigative journalist. Soon after joining the channel, she starts working on some big stories. She is smart and courageous enough to take risks. So while following up a story, she gets a lead about serial killings in the city and starts working on that. She meets a not-so-efficient police officer Naag, who is also working on the same case.

Anu comes face-to-face with the killer Gulaabi Raja when he kills her guardian. Later, she finds him dead when he is killed by the task force. She identifies his dead body too, but gets the shock of her life when she finds the same killer later.

She once again starts working on the serial killer case and finds out that he is on the prowl. Finally, in a chilling climax sequence, Anu kills the serial killer.

Pooja Gandhi has done a remarkable job in portraying the title role. Definitely this is one of her best performances. As the villain, debutant Baalu has also done an extraordinary job. Duniya Rashmi sparkles in a small but vital role. “Anu” is certainly a big break for the lead actor Nag Kiran.

While Pooja Gandhi, Baalu, Duniya Rashmi and Nag Kiran’s performance has helped the film, other artists don’t impress too much.

Family audiences may find the gory sequences repulsive, but it will be appreciated by the film buffs who like suspense thrillers.

For Pooja Gandhi fans, the film is a must watch.

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