Phone call helped trace suspect in Noida double murder

May 20th, 2008 - 11:37 pm ICT by admin  

By S.P. Singh
Noida, May 20 (IANS) The police zeroed in on Vishnu Thapa, former servant with the Talwar family, as the prime suspect behind the Noida double murder while tracking a phone call the family’s new domestic help received on his cell. The police Tuesday interrogated Vishnu and also searched the garage of the Talwar home, police sources said. According to the sources in Noida Police, while going through the mobile phone records of Hemraj, the new servant, the investigators found that a call was made to him from a Nithari-based Public Call Office. When the PCO owner was contacted for details of the caller, his description matched that of Vishnu. The police then nabbed Vishnu, who was employed with the Talwar family earlier and whom Hemraj replaced.

Sources in the investigation team told IANS that the case has almost been worked out and Vishnu, under sustained interrogation, has confessed to killing Hemraj first and then Arushi Talwar. The weapon used in the murder, said to be a sharp-edged medical instrument, has not been found yet.

The police Tuesday broke open the lock of the garage of Rajesh Talwar, a dentist and Arushi’s father. Talwar was running his clinic from the garage but had to shift his clinic to a commercial place after the Noida authorities refused permission as it violated land use laws.

When the investigation team demanded the keys for the garage lock from the Talwar family, it was unable to provide it. The police then broke open the lock to conduct a search of the garage. No forensic team accompanied the police at the time of conducting the search, said a retired senior police official on condition of anonymity. The police officially have not announced any recovery from the garage but extensive search is yet to be undertaken, the source said.

Earlier, the police interrogated about a dozen suspects, including the friends and relatives of Talwar’s former servants, driver and other people - among them Arushi’s school friends.

Indicating the reason for suspicion pointing towards Vishnu, the police sources revealed that Vishnu had left the job about eight months back and even obtained a character certificate from the dentist couple. But after failing to get a good job in India or in Nepal, he returned to India and requested the Talwar family to re-employ him.

The Talwar family refused. Then Vishnu asked Hemraj to leave the job so that he could take over. He too refused. Enraged over Hemraj’s refusal, Vishnu barged into the servant room and dragged Hemraj to the terrace and killed him by slitting his throat.

While he was dragging him, Arushi heard the noise and peeped outside her bedroom. Vishnu noticed that the girl had seen him. Realising that the girl might have seen him dragging the body of Hemraj, he eliminated Arushi too, disclosed the source in the investigation team.

But Vishnu’s other accomplices are yet to be arrested, said the source.

Arushi, 15, a Class 9 student of the Delhi Public School (Noida), was stabbed to death in her bedroom at her L-32 Jalvayu Vihar house in Noida Thursday night. The murder came to light only the next morning when her parents came to wake her up. She had four stab wounds - on her forehead, shoulder and chest.

The police initially suspected their servant, Yam Prasad alias Hemraj, as the culprit and even announced a Rs.20,000 reward for his arrest. But 24 hours later, the police found Hemraj’s body on the terrace of the house.

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