Pennsylvania primary results: Hillary Clinton emerges victorious

April 23rd, 2008 - 10:52 am ICT by amritpal  

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton has posted a convincing victory over Barrack Obama in the crucial Pennsylvania primary. Over the last six weeks the Democratic candidates have been campaigning in PA, trying to convince each and every voter about their suitability for the White House. Clinton has won the crucial Pennsylvania primary ensuring she is still in the race for the Democratic Candidacy for the White House.

This victory ensures that Clinton is still in the race for the White House. She thanked the PA democratic voters for voting for a Presidnt who is ready from day one! Several Democratic voters have confided that though they would have loved to vote for Obama, his ‘Change’ is slightly less understandable. People feel that though they believe in the chang, they are not sure how he intends to bring it about.

Out of the two-thirds of votes counted, Clinton is leading over Obama 54-46 -very close to what EOG early exit polls predicted. Experts say Clinton needs a comprehensive win to keep her campaign going.

Earlier, as per her filings with the Federal Election Commission, Clinton is already in the red with her finances this April. The next few weeks will be crucial for her political career and it would be interesting to see how the Obama-Clinton race folds up.

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