Mystery of Delhi cop’s murder deepens

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Gurgaon, March 26 (IANS) Delhi Police’s ace sharpshooter Rajbir Singh, killed Monday night in the office of a property dealer, had reportedly loaned more than Rs.12 million to him at a high interest rate, the Gurgaon police said Wednesday even as the autopsy report raised new questions about the killing. “Vijay Bhardwaj, arrested for murdering Singh at his Sector-14 office, in his interrogation revealed that he (Singh) had come to collect the remaining loan amount of Rs.9.5 million from him,” said Gurgaon Joint Police Commissioner (Crime) Manjeet Singh Ahlawat.

“Singh had gone to Bhardwaj’s office after leaving his Z-plus security at the IFFCO Chowk, a 10-minute drive from the office of the accused. Singh was only accompanied by personal security officer Lilu Ram and driver Jawahar,” Ahlawat added.

The police official said that Singh had loaned Rs.12.7 million to Bhardwaj and of this the realtor had paid back only Rs.3 million to Singh.

“Singh used to charge high interest on the money he loaned to others. He was also pressuring Bhardwaj to pay the rest of the amount. It is a matter of investigation as to how much money he had lent to others,” the official said.

Earlier in the day, the police detained Bhardwaj’s room-boy Krishna and recorded his statement. Krishna had asked Singh’s security official to go to a nearby petrol station, thus stripping Singh of any security, according to Bhardwaj’s confession.

Krishna reportedly left the crime scene to fetch candles barely a few minutes before Singh was shot dead.

A post-mortem analysis suggested that Singh was murdered neither with the revolver found at the spot nor was he shot in the neck from behind.

For starters, the autopsy report has raised several disturbing questions and punctured Bhardwaj’s admission that he killed Singh.

In his statement to the police, Bharadwaj said he walked up behind Singh and fired three shots at point blank range with a .32 bore revolver, giving his victim no chance to react.

However, the post-mortem examination reveals something quite different. Singh was killed neither with a .32 bore weapon nor was the bullet shot from behind.

“The autopsy report suggests that Singh was not fired at from the weapon seized from the crime scene. It is a gun of a different calibre,” a well-placed police source told IANS.

A team of doctors headed by S.K. Sharma and Ram Pal during the post-mortem examination found that Singh died instantly after being hit by two bullets in the head.

“One of the bullets pierced right through his head and it was likely to have been fired from the front as the victim’s forehead had a small clear-cut hole while the back had a large hole,” Sharma said.

The police are also looking at the possibility of other people being present during the crime. The investigators found 4-5 glasses of liquor in the room.

“We don’t know if other people were present in the office. The matter is being investigated from all possible angles,” Ahlawat said.

The Gurgaon police now suspect there were more people in Bhardwaj’s office and he could be taking on the blame to save some influential people.

Police officials strongly suspect it was a well-designed conspiracy to kill Singh, who enjoyed Z-plus security following threats from crime syndicates and terror outfits.

The real estate agent, Bhardwaj, had claimed he killed Singh between 9.15 and 9.30 p.m. when there was no electricity in his office due to a power outage.

Bhardwaj said he left his seat on the pretext of switching on the electricity inverter.

“Our investigations suggest that there was no power cut at the time of the murder. Bhardwaj’s statement is self-contradictory,” said a senior police official.

Police officials now suspect that Bhardwaj had killed his friend of 20 years in connivance with some other builders who were apparently being blackmailed by Singh.

The buzz in police circles hinted at involvement of the underworld and connivance of a prominent city builder who had reportedly given Bhardwaj a huge amount of money so that he took the rap for Singh’s murder.

It is believed that Bhardwaj owed millions of rupees to many people apart from Singh. But no one dared to put pressure on him due to his close ties with Singh, who lived by the gun and died by the gun.

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