Like Mamata, mango mania hits town (Eating Out With IANS)

May 27th, 2011 - 11:55 am ICT by IANS  

Mamata Banerjee Kolkata, May 27 (IANS) That crazy craving for mangoes arrives with summer. So if you’re a fan of the king of fruits, head for “Mango Mania” at a city hotel famed for its delectable desserts. From sponge cake to mousse, everything has a touch of the golden mango.

Hotel Hindustan International Chef Utpal Mondal and his team have whipped up an array of scrumptious mango desserts that will turn anyone into a mango maniac.

“Mangoes are the flavour of the season. We always go by popular choice. Like (new West Bengal Chief Minister) Mamata Banerjee, mangoes are also the topic of the hour. If it is summer, it has to be mangoes,” says Mondal.

The assortment of desserts includes the chocolate and mango mousse cake - a layered rich chocolate and mango mousse - and mango tiramisu - a delectable offering of sponge layers chockfull of mango puree, whipped cream and mascarpone cheese.

The other tempting deserts include mango slice, duet of mango slice, and mango mousse. Along with the cold desserts, you also have their hot counterparts in mango muffin, mango crumble and mango struddle.

The one that takes the “cake” is mango charlotte - a layered sponge cake, generously crammed with specially-made mango puree, which not only looks irresistible but tastes divine as well - every bite is a “mangolicious” sojourn.

The two-week-long mango fest started Tuesday.

Chef Mondal, who has taken great pains to conjure up the lip-smacking delicacies, chose mango charlotte as his pick. “Although it’s time- consuming, I enjoyed preparing it the most,” Mondal told IANS.

The mango tiramisu with its ensemble cast of flavours topped by mango delight is sure to appeal to connoisseurs. Every bite is like a swirl of flavours that do not drape around one’s tongue but just hovers through the palate like a cloud.

Tiramisu (Italian for ‘pick me up’) is a popular Italian dessert, traditionally consisting of alternating layers of coffee and flavourful liquor-soaked sponge cake biscuits and sweet mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar garnished with cocoa powder to give a bitter counterpoint to the sweetened cheese mixture. Over the years, the recipe has been adapted into many varieties with various fruit fillings.

The desserts have been priced at Rs.110 each except for Mango Charlotte and Chocolate Mango Cake, which are priced at Rs.650 and Rs.600 respectively.

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