Hoots follow ex-Nepal crown prince’s flight to Singapore

July 2nd, 2008 - 3:07 pm ICT by IANS  

By Sudeshna Sarkar
Kathmandu, July 2 (IANS) Nepal’s former - and hugely unpopular - crown prince Paras’ exit for Singapore was greeted with derision by the public and media Wednesday, with most people saying it was “good riddance to bad rubbish”. Naya Patrika, the Nepali tabloid that first broke the story about Paras’ plan to take off for Singapore Tuesday, was flooded with letters from readers Wednesday, warning the headstrong former heir to Nepal’s throne that the laws were a lot tougher in Singapore.

“Bro Paras, keep in mind that you’ll never have the same leeway abroad that you had in your own country, where you whipped the law,” wrote Sunayana Sharma from Kathmandu.

“Nobody would let you go scot-free if you drive your Pajero over others,” she wrote, referring to an incident in the past when the playboy prince’s car had knocked down a popular Nepali singer but he escaped legal action since the royal family members were regarded to be above law.

“In a place like Singapore, where the law is exceedingly strict, it would be a severe problem for Paras to rectify his nature,” wrote Nitin Sharma from Lalitpur. “He is infamous in Nepal because of his wild nature. His name is associated with many criminal incidents.”

Narayan Bohora, a non-resident Nepali, expressed his anger that the government of Nepal had allowed the former prince to leave the country.

“He faces several allegations in Nepal,” Bohora wrote from the US. “The new government should investigate all those allegations.”

Yet another tabloid, the Jana Aastha, gleefully picked on the “mistakes” Paras had made while filling up the required immigration form.

“Despite his education in English institutions in Darjeeling in India and the UK, the mistakes he made reflects his frame of mind,” the weekly said.

In a front-page report called “The 10 mistakes Paras made in his immigration form”, the tabloid produced a copy of the document and said the 37-year-old had spelled his destination as “Singapur”.

He also failed to write when his passport would expire, his full address in Kathmandu and the correct flight number. When it came to dates, the former prince used a medley of Nepali and English figures, the tabloid said.

The former crown prince travelled on an ordinary passport that he had acquired only a week ago, the report said.

In the space meant for writing the reason for going abroad, Paras had ticked the box that said education/seminar, the tabloid said.

According to reports, the former crown prince, smarting under the humiliation inflicted on his family by Nepal’s new lawmakers who abolished monarchy last month, decided to send his three children to Singapore for their education.

During his stay in Singapore, he would reportedly be busy looking for appropriate schools, an apartment and nannies.

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