E-Courts in India: Update 1

February 27th, 2009 - 11:48 am ICT by VKS  

Law and technology are continuously seen as inseparable. This is the reason why India enacted the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000) as the cyber law of India. Cyber law in India is not passing through a good phase and after the passing of the Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2008 (Bill, 2008) the position has become worst. The legality, constitutionality and scope of the Bill, 2008 would be explained in a separate article as our main concern here is a segment of the same known as e-courts in India.

The e-courts project of India is not a matter of interest to India only but international community is also interested in the same. For instance, the Australian View of the same has critically analysed the progress of Indian e-courts projects. The Future of cyber law of India and e-courts is not bright if we analyse the current situation and progress. There are lots of Doubts about the development and success of e-courts in India and in the absence of political will and judicial insight the same may be true one day. There are various lacunas by which the present e-court project of India is ailing. Questions are occasionally raised about the e-courts projects and expectations are rising to shift the same from NEGP to Reality.

Time is running out for the project and there are very bright possibilities that in the absence of experts the proposed Model E-Court Project, 2009 by India would not produce the desired results. The first thing that India should do is to strengthen the E-Court Committee further by including good experts. Till now we are not even aware about the composition of the same. It is not clear who is heading the same and who are its members. A good idea would be to provide relevant web links of not only the composition of the committee but also of the progress that it made from time to time. In the absence of the same, conclusions that e-courts in India exist on papers only cannot be doubted.

Perry4Law would provide a regular update and development analysis for e-courts in India. We believe that the year 2009 would be the base year to start developmental initiatives in this regard. This is the first update and developmental analysis and we hope this would be useful for all concerned.

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