Cyber Security In India: Another Wake Up Call

February 15th, 2009 - 2:08 pm ICT by VKS  

Cyber security is very important to protect businesses, governments and general public at large. The same must be a part of the national policy of a nation. Unfortunately, cyber security in India is an ignored world. The cyber security strategy of India is defective and deficient and is violating the ICT rights of Indian citizens. There are many factors that are ailing cyber security in India. The consequence of the same can be found in the form of recent breach in key MEA computers where several of its computers were infected by malware.

Unlike foreign countries, public Initiatives in India are missing. Recently a cyber community joins forces to fight against malware that have significant impact upon people’s lives. In the Indian context, we have a very weak cyber law, negligible cyber security and cyber forensics and almost missing legal enablement of ICT systems. In fact legal enablement of ICT in India is in doldrums. The already weak cyber law of India has further been degraded by the recent amendment through Information technology (Amendment) Bill, 2008. The position is even worst when it comes to wireless security in India. Wireless security has become a headache due to its misuse by terrorists in India.

However, a new ray of hope has been gleaming through the dark clouds of non-transparent and non-accountable governmental actions. Mr. Praveen Dalal, Managing Partner of Perry4Law, is spearheading a very unique and much needed ICT initiative of India. Perry4Law has come up with the latest initiative titled “Legal Enablement of ICT Systems in India” that would act as the “National and International Gateway” for information related to use of ICT for Legal and Judicial purposes in India. The initiative is also gathering public support so that cyber law, cyber security and cyber forensics capabilities may be established and improved in India. We hope this initiative would prove to be useful for all concerned. At the same time we also look forward for public support in this regard so that the expertise of millions can be used and applied for the betterment of Indian citizens at large. All suggestions, opinions, views, recommendations, etc would be highly appreciated. Let us rejuvenate Indian cyber law, cyber security and cyber forensics together side by side and with hand in hand.

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