Chinese protest against BBC in London, Manchester

April 19th, 2008 - 9:03 pm ICT by admin  


London, April 19 (IANS) In tandem with protests across China Saturday, hundreds of Chinese demonstrators protested in the British cities of London and Manchester to highlight what they called the pro-Tibet bias in the British Broadcasting Corporation and other Western media. More than 1,000 people, wearing ‘I love China’ t-shirts, protested outside the BBC office in Manchester as well as the town hall and about 300 demonstrated outside parliament in London.

Protesters held a two-hour silent demonstration in Manchester and read out an ‘open letter to BBC’.

Protest organiser Tian Yang said: “All we want is more people to listen to our voice and Chinese people’s voices. The BBC is the national broadcaster, so we aim at them, but also the Western media in general. The way they frame the story is biased. There is only one side of the story.

“They take their views from Tibetan government (in exile) and the Western petitions.”

The BBC said that despite the Chinese government’s reporting restrictions in Tibet its coverage had been “fair and balanced”.

“The same is true of our reporting of the Olympic torch relay and the protests that have accompanied it,” it added.

A report in the online edition of China Daily Saturday said: “There were actually thousands of Chinese people queuing along the (Olympic torch) relay route on April 6, expressing their heartfelt support for the Beijing Olympic Games, in a peaceful manner.

“However, many British news organisations carried out their news pieces with a collective ignorance to the voice of the Chinese demonstrators, focussing only on interviews and photo opportunities offered (by) pro-Tibetan-secession activists,” the paper said.

Meanwhile, protesters in several cities around China denounced the demand for Tibetan independence and called for a boycott of French goods following anti-China protests on the Paris leg of the Olympic torch relay.

Protests were reported from Wuhan, Hefei and Kumming.

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