BTS administrators state providing cheaper service still a difficulty

November 23rd, 2007 - 12:45 pm ICT by admin  

BTS cannot lower fares due to loss of revenueBangkok, November 23 (PRD), President of the Bangkok Transit System (BTS) Board of Administration Keeree Kanjonpat (คีรี กาญจนพาสน์) revealed that though many political parties at the moment are promoting themselves by promising cheaper BTS rates, it is not a feasible possibility. Mr. Keeree said it was the right of election candidates to state their claims, but based on his own perspective he cannot foresee a workable process to achieve lowered rates.

The BTS board president stated that if there was government assistance, lowered fares were a possibility. With the present state though, he revealed that the BTS is still not making a profit with minimum prices and constant promotional discounts.

Mr. Keeree said though the BTS has experienced a 6 percent increase in public usage, a 10 percent increase is still needed to take it out of the red.

Source : National News Bureau Public Relations Department

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