Anand’s panacea for global meltdown

December 19th, 2008 - 10:21 pm ICT by IANS  

New Delhi, Dec 19 (IANS) For once the master of 64-squares turned into an economist to provide insights and solutions to stay afloat in the worst global meltdown. Given his proclivity and skills to manoeuvre through difficult situations in a game of chess, Viswanathan Anand fielded a barrage of questions on a variety of topics at an NIIT online interactive session with professionals and management students across the country.The World Chess champion tackled every query with a calm assuredness as if he was prepared for everything. His one-liners were more like the moves in a game of rapid chess.

From how corporates should handle the current economic crisis to the timing of taking a plunge, he deftly handled some tricky questions using chess jargon and explained how to wriggle out of a checkmate situation. The market buffs were left admiring the genius.

“When the global economy is going through a bad phase like this, one should remain positive. If a particular strategy is not working, change it and play afresh. Remember, in difficult times you make an objective assessment of life. It is time to be practical and wait for the right opportunity to strike back,” Anand said to a corporate-executive from Hyderabad on how to deal with the recession.

“When you face a pay-cut or no-bonus, you have to lower your expectations and by lying low you can keep your calm.”

When a software professional equated tactical sacrifice of pieces in chess to his shift in jobs, Anand found the analogy interesting.

“It depends on how you balance various factors while sacrificing. In Chess, there is value of pieces, value of time and value of space. There is no hard and fast rule. Sometimes you sacrifice to gain an advantage at a later stage.”

Anand also tackled questions on terrorism.

“Their aim is to create panic in mind. Apart from fighting the terror, as a society we need to be calm and should not get bogged down. We must also realise that terrorism is not the only thing we have to fight, there is hunger, poverty and other scourges as well.”

The only question that seemed to stump the chess king was when a lady asked what to do when one is saddled with a non-supportive partner in life. Anand groped for the answer but ended up quipping: “I am sounding like a marriage counsellor.”

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