Ta Muean Thom temple re-opened for Cambodian tourists

August 14th, 2008 - 4:12 pm ICT by Amrit Rashmisrisethi  

The Hindu Ta Muean Thom Temple was re-opened for tourists, including Cambodians, while Baan Charn (บ้านจารย์) temple which is in Cambodian territory 1-kilometer away from Thailand-Cambodian border was re-opened for Thai tourists.

Following the General Border Commission’s 11th seminar regarding Thailand and Cambodia’s disputes over both Phrae Vihear and the Baan Charn (บ้านจารย์) Temple yesterday (August 13th), both sides have decided to decrease the number of soldiers in the area of Phrae Vihear temple despite ongoing disputes over ownership of Baan Charn (บ้านจารย์) Temple.

Both Thai and Cambodian authorities have decided to allow tourists from both countries to visit the historical sites. Following further negotiations this morning (August 14th), Thai soldiers removed barbed wires blocking the entrance to the ruin today in order to allow tourists in. Only 10 rangers from the 26th Ranger Regiment were deployed to secure the area.

The move reportedly helped ease tensions between both countries. A number of Thai rangers from 960th Ranger Forces Regiment were deployed along the border whilst Cambodian rangers have tightened security along the border as well.

Source : National News Bureau, Public Relations Department of Thailand

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