Lopburi to create master plan against flooding

September 29th, 2008 - 9:27 am ICT by Amrit Rashmisrisethi  

Lopburi province is adjusting its current strategy to deal with the flood situation with talks of creating a master plan to deal with flooding on a long term basis by utilizing the help of province residents starting at the end of October.

Governor of Lopburi province Jarupong Poldet (จารุพงศ์ พลเดช) commented on the ongoing flood situation in his province saying that continued rains have made drainage of flood waters a difficult task. The province is planning to add more electrical water pumps to expedite drainage and project that if rains let up the situation will return to normal in 7-8 days. Once flooding subsides the province will inspect damages and distribute assistance with a plan to use community efforts by calling on residential aid from the village level to the provincial level.

Lopburi is planning to decipher the core of the flood problem and create a master plan to deal with flooding in a sustainable manner. The plan is projected to begin formation at the end of October.

Mr. Jarupong said that there is some misunderstanding amongst citizens as to the aid they will receive elaborating that the province is only equipped to help alleviate the situation. He said that a committee has been formed to find the most appropriate solution to the issue.

Source : National News Bureau, Public Relations Department of Thailand

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