Fire at Bangkok Nightclub Santika (Video)

January 1st, 2009 - 10:23 pm ICT by admin  

At least 59 people died in a fire thought to have been started by an indoor fireworks display at a Bangkok nightclub during New Year’s Eve celebrations. Nearly 200 others were injured in the blaze at the upmarket Santika nightclub, which is popular with foreign tourists and was full to its 1,000-person capacity.

Film maker Manik happened to be in the area and shot a Video of the burning nightclub which he posted on youtube.

Note: The Video may not be suitable for minors or sensitive people.

His descriptions :-

Just keep in mind that to different people this video means different things. I could not have controlled what had happened, and even if I had superpowers, I wouldn’t have been able to bring back those who’d lost their lives.

But I think of it as a memory to those who gave their best effort to save a fellow human being, or lost a loved one in the most tragic manner. Think of the firemen and common-man who ran into the flames to save someone, think of the people who offered their blood and gave up their cars as ambulances, think of the unsung heroes, the people we rarely mention.

I chose to play my part in capturing the story of what happened, and simply bringing it to you. I’m not interested in 15 minutes of fame, and I know people will judge, but I don’t mind 15 minutes of disrepute either.

At the end of the day, I’m just a small footnote at the bottom of the video description. ”

If you were there at Santika we would love to hear your experience via the comments below.

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