WolframAlpha: The newest name in the world of web information providers

May 18th, 2009 - 3:06 am ICT by GD  

www.wolframalpha.com is the newest search engine application that is going to be launched soon this weekend. The main target of this application is to make a place for itself in the narrow search engine markets dominated by a few big players. The advantage of this system is that it is more powerful and comprehensive as compared to the traditional search engines that most net users use. It is a big encyclopedia, a storehouse of unending information.

WolframAlpha service is completely web based and it can answer a variety of questions related to any topic in the world. it can also give detailed information on topics like chemistry, physics, genealogy, socioeconomic data and much more. are dealt effectively. According to Theo Gray, the co-founder of the company this goes beyond being just any software. It is a natural-language answering software that takes each question individually and answers them accordingly.

Most search engines answer simple and general topics properly. The problem arises when technical and the detailed questions have to be solved. Complicated questions on math, computer science, engineering etc. are answered effectively. Detailed and statistical questions are answered through summaries and graphs for better understanding.

The only disadvantage of this web based service, according to the experts is that this system will not be very popular with general searchers who are always in the majority. It is best suited for those searching for detailed and in-depth answers associated with complicated topics.

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