Wolfram Alpha Launched

May 19th, 2009 - 8:23 pm ICT by GD  

Its officially launched now. Wolfram Alpha, the search engine that is designed to give results and not just throw up a list of websites was launched on Monday. The latest search engine, which joins a host of existing ones that have never been able to match up to the search giant Google, Wolfram Alpha comes with a promise to be different, to do things differently. It is the brainchild of mathematician Stephen Wolfram, who aims to provide “expert level knowledge” at your fingertips. It cannot really be compared to Google because the whole purpose is different: it computes answers on the basis of the data you provide to it rather than return a host of websites where the answer you seek may be found. Thus if one asks it the “sum of 25 plus 30″, it will provide the answer “55″. But of course this computational search engine is not meant for such simple calculations. It can actually give you the exact answer if you ask it to divide the distance between San Francisco and New York by the length of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Wolfram Alpha is a very sophisticated computing machine which can turn a query/question into a equation and provide the answer to that equation. The new “computational search engine” has had its share of detractors already, but the real test comes now with the search engine really being launched. The users’ feedback will ultimately determine the success or failure of Wolfram Alpha. Stephen Wolfram had earlier launched Mathematica, which was quite successful and popular as a computational software. However, this is altogether a new ballgame, and only time will tell whether Wolfram Alpha lives up to the hype and the expectations it has generated for this tech-savvy generation.

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