Wolfram Alpha is all set to be launched by the end of May

May 4th, 2009 - 10:45 pm ICT by GD  

The well known scientist, mathematician and entrepreneur, Stephen Wolfram, had recently delivered a lecture on his upcoming web service called Wolfram Alpha. The maker has promised that Wolfram is not just a search machine but it is rather a service that will provide answers to all types of questions. Steven Wolfram revealed this information during his visit to Harvard Law School. News has it that Wolfram Alpha utilized certain kinds of technologies that the service is going to pose as a threat to Google.

Wolfram Alpha will act a global store for information which will respond to colloquial language. On Sunday, Independent Daily reported that the service will be launched in late May. The daily has also mentioned that the new web software can “put giants such as Google in the shade.” it must be noted that though the service is at its initial stage yet it has been successful in getting all the media hype. The probable reason may be that fact that it will challenge the services of Google, which exercised a kind of monopoly in this business.

The best USP for this software is its promise to provide authentic data and related information. While Google and other search engines find things that already exist in the internet, Wolfram can do new and complex calculations to bring to you things that do not exist in general. However, there is one drawback since at present the service is available to only a small group of programmers.

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