Semantra: Showcase for Corporate Data

November 25th, 2007 - 12:17 am ICT by admin  

Having corporate data is one thing; getting the most use out of that data is quite another story. That’s the reason why Semantra’s Semantic Enterprise Platform (SEP) digs into that data, finds what you need, and presents it to you in a variety of readable formats, from text charts to graphs to pie charts.

“We’re not trying to change the world all by ourselves,” said Chris Davis, CEO of Semantra, but the company is making sure that users can reap the full value of the data they already have. Semantra offers a unique solution that blends linguistics, concepts, and relational theory.

According to Davis, Semantra’s SEP takes natural language requests (common language questions) and converts them into accurate queries against one or more enterprise data sources, and then returns accurate results in real time. Ultimately, the user can tap into data quickly and get key information for better decision making.

Critical information can be accessed from complex corporate databases through inquiries in the user’s business language via a simple search box. Because the SEP does the “heavy lifting” in semantic technology, managers can generate their own questions and compile summaries in minutes; data workers can release reports in record time.

Dynamic SQL queries are generated from common language, and then Semantra’s SEP powers the natural language. “It may not be sexy, but it will get you the right answers,” said Davis. The semantic virtualization of enterprise data sources can integrate corporate information without physical data warehouses.

The state of Wyoming uses Semantra’s SEP to access information across state databases, generating reports that can drill down into granular data, search for what’s needed, and deliver reports that reflect the same depth and breadth. If the query is vague, the user will be asked to refine it after a “Did you mean” box…

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