My Touch 3G: Performance Boosting Every Year

June 22nd, 2009 - 10:57 pm ICT by GD  

My Touch 3G Blog comments show that the 3G Touch feature on the iPhone is being acclaimed all over by users. Some feel it is faster than the 2G, as the applications can be swiftly operated. Users who are more into playing games on their phones feel that the sound effects, high-end frames and of course the ‘quick-launch’ time are significant improvements.

Some of the loopholes which were present in the 3G iPhone has been modified in the 3G S Touch, which went up for sale on Friday. This subtle upgraded version of the 3G Touch is claiming to satisfy existing 3G Touch iPhone users. But you are advised to check on the battery life, multimedia messaging, video recording, voice dialing and Zippier performance. The Touch 3G S highlights Speed, notably because it has been developed from the reviews; users feel loading a game is 2.4 times faster on the iPhone 3G S than on the iPhone 3G, viewing attachments has shot upto 3.6 times and loading the Website is 2.9 times faster. All this is because My Touch 3G S phone comes with faster processor and a comparatively larger RAM.

Last year when Apple unveiled Touch 3G not once did it cross its mind that 3G S will get more importance. The parent Touch 3G, however holds the credit as it introduced a different outlook amongst users.

Touch 3G is not going to disappoint its users and will keep coming back with surprises. In its announcement at the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference the company announced the incorporation of a new technology named OpenCL, which is mainly for graphics acceleration. Also accountable for better handling of memory and multiple processors. This seems promising as Mac users get better performing phones.

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