Mobile Phone users threatened by hidden health hazards posed by cell phones?

October 10th, 2010 - 10:22 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

October 10, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): Mobile phones have become so synonymous with modern life, that it becomes almost impossible to survive without one, for most people.

However, recent reports suggest that objections have been voiced against the A- list mobile phone manufacturers, by many social activists and politicians, who claim that the mobile sets do not have any warning about the possible health hazards caused by these modern devices printed prominently.

Reports are that the high RF, or Radio Frequency which is emitted by these mobile phones, are indeed a threat to the mobile phone users, and in the long run, could be very fatal, which might cause enough damage to the user.

Those who keep their cell phones in pockets, or belts, are at a higher risk, as the radiations directly get emitted from the cell’s antenna and infuses into the body of the user!

The big names that have reportedly come under the scanner are Black Berry, and Nokia, and even Apple iPod.

The objections are that the Black Berry manufactures do have a printed warning in their working aid manual, but such printed matter is hardly read by anyone. The warning mentioned in the Black Berry manual is that it should be kept at least an inch away from the body while using it; otherwise it will have some hazardous effect on the individual. The Black Berry manufactures do have a hidden warning that one should use the ‘Hands Free’, but this warning usually has no takers.

The Apple iPod, which has mentioned in very fine print that it should be used at least 115mm away from the body, but the printed matter mostly, goes unnoticed by the users.

Reports suggest that mobiles should be kept away from pregnant women’s abdomens, as also of the teenager’s abdomens, as it has tremendous RF or Radio Frequency emissions, which are extremely harmful for both these groups of people.

According to reports, Alasdair Philips, the member of Power watch, which is an organization that investigates mobile phone safety standards, has said that from now the mobile phone manufacturers should get their safety advice printed on the boxes, and it should be more prominently printed on the user guides, rather than pasting them at the back, as no one reads that printed matter anyway.

So, the next time you use a mobile, just be careful, and follow the guidelines issued by the manufacturer!

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