McAfee: Vista Likely a Hacker Target in 2008

November 28th, 2007 - 1:22 am ICT by admin  

Windows Vista is being relegated to the doghouse again this week for being slower than XP, and security experts are warning that Vista might face more serious malware in the upcoming year.

New tests show that Windows XP, coupled with the forthcoming Service Pack 3, performs twice as well as Vista with SP1. Devil Mountain Software discovered that a preview version of SP3 for Windows XP offered a 10 percent performance boost. The software development firm said that performance gains with SP1 for Vista were negligible.

However, slower speed is one issue, security is another. Considering the probability that more businesses will begin migrating to Vista in 2008, security analysts say that the security of Microsoft’s latest operating system might be a larger problem than performance.

Vista Migration Mixed with Danger?

The release of Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista is likely to accelerate the adoption rate of Redmond’s latest operating system and have a corresponding impact on the bottom lines of malware writers, who have largely continued to target Microsoft’s earlier operating systems. According to McAfee, if professional malware authors begin to see an impact on their businesses as Vista becomes more popular, they might expand their efforts to find holes in the new operating system.

Of course, the antivirus firm added, that doesn’t mean older threats to Windows XP will disappear. It was several years after the Java vulnerability named in Microsoft Security Bulletin M503-011 was patched before exploits targeting that vulnerability fell off the list of McAfee Avert Labs top 10 threats to consumers. The old threats will persist, McAfee warned, but a new crop is on its way.

The National Vulnerability Database reported 10 Vista vulnerabilities in the first nine months after the OS was released. This compares with 16 XP vulnerabilities during the same length of time. The number…

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