Limewire Illegal- Evoking curiosity and awareness

June 20th, 2009 - 3:37 am ICT by GD  

Limewire From the time Internet came people have got into the habit of sharing every information, be it their biographies or pictures or even for that matter song collection. The person who is sharing such data is actually making his work public and the web portal on which or through which he is sharing is the domain. In a similar way shared songs can be found in the Limewire web portal which allows Internet users to listen and download songs.

Do you think you might get sued if you use Limewire? Lets find some answers to this question. Using Limewire, Napster and other file sharing applications are legal, however, if the files are shared without the copyright holder’s consent is definitely illegal. It is always recommended that any application which allows free download should have enough proof of credibility on the Internet. Limewire’s job is to help users download data faster, which does not seem illegal as their are many applications having the same purpose, but with Limewire it is the question of copyright infringement, which needs to be first taken care of.

In fact for users who only like to download, songs, e-books, games, movies, Limewire provides LimeWire Guiltfree, designed mainly for personal use. These websites are a surely winsome because users like to download from the Internet instead of spending big bucks on new songs which enter the market everyday.

The entire music industry has been facing a problem generating revenue due to the illegal downloading websites/applications which allow free download to users despite copyright’s. So users keep a watch on what you download and from where you download. Virgin media is determined to take steps so stop such chaos. Sources say that they have a master plan to eradicate the root cause and sway away users from the need to download illegally and of course enforce severe punishment for those who still wish to download from such sites.

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