LED Light Bulbs coming soon

May 11th, 2009 - 11:32 pm ICT by GD  

LED Lights During last year’s Lightfair, the annual trade show of the lightening industry, many companies from far and wide, big and small held discussions on the imminent introduction LED light bulbs as a replacement for those conventional light bulb.

This year’s Lightfair that was held in New York saw some progress in the discussions on the subject as the manufacturers and different companies were much more specific and factual about their plans.

The initial experimental version of the LED light bulb that will be available hopefully later this year will come from the companies like Philips, Lighting Science and Osram Sylvania. These LED light bulbs will give off that amount of light that will be equivalent to a standard 40-watt incandescent light bulb.

However, making this LED light bulb is not as simple as the discussions goes. To increase the output of the light and that it is equal to the brighter is a complex process. To achieve this, the manufacturers first need to figure out how to develop brighter LED chips, which can accommodate the increased heat in a relatively compact size, while all the way consuming a comparatively less amount of power. In brief, the manufactures need to determine on a LED chip that will use less power and give more light.

About the price of these LED light bulbs, the manufacturers in the last year’s annual light fair trade were talking about the bulbs being available at a cost of about $60, however this year’s saw Lightfair saw the prospective price of the bulb coming down to $20 to $30.

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