Google Reportedly Planning Online Storage Service

November 27th, 2007 - 11:27 pm ICT by admin  

Google, whose stated mission is to organize the world’s information, is reportedly developing an integrated service that would allow users to store and organize their own information on Google’s servers.

According to a report in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, users of the service could store any and all of the files currently on their computer’s hard drive, from business letters to family photos, and then access or share them from any computer or mobile device.

Google has declined to comment on the report.

Free Storage, More for Fee

The as-yet-unnamed service would allow some free storage, with additional storage levels available at different, as-yet-unannounced fee levels. The Journal said that, internally, the service was known at one point as “My Stuff.”

Such an online storage service would join a growing array of vendors, such as IBackup, Xdrive, and eSnips. Many larger companies, such as Yahoo and Microsoft, also offer Web-based storage. Google itself is a veteran of the online storage industry. Its Web-based tools, such as Picasa, Gmail, and Docs, already provide free storage and additional levels of paid storage.

The Journal said that while Google’s current online storage can be shared between Gmail and Picasa accounts, and soon with Docs, the new service would be more integrated, behaving as just another hard drive, with a single sign-on and a single search.

If the search giant did add such an integrated, virtual hard drive to its suite of services, it would increase its growing momentum as a business alternative to Microsoft, with online office apps, collaboration, and now a virtual storage server.

‘As Secure as Your Hard Drive’

For many users, a key concern about online storage is security. Ray Wagner, a Gartner analyst, said that a Google online storage service “could be as secure as your hard drive” — unless you are a power user or…

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