25% Of Companies Increasing IT Investments - Robert Stroud

April 30th, 2009 - 6:44 pm ICT by GD  

The Value Of IT Investments Survey results that were released on Wednesday confirmed that in spite of the exigent and testing economic scenario worldwide and especially in America, at least 25% companies are increasing their investments in IT Technology.

This survey was conducted by ISACA, which is a nonprofit association of IT Professionals. It represents IT governance, audit, and security professionals in 160 countries.

The results indicated that most of the IT companies are all geared up for greater investments in 2009.

The survey involved more than 500 U.S. IT professionals. A significant finding was that only 16% of IT companies have decided to across-the-board cuts in IT expenditure. The survey also indicates that about Fourteen percent of the IT companies have decided in favour of freezing their expenses at present levels.

Worldwide VP of ISACA,Robert Stroud said that the leaders of most of the companies are quite confident that IT has and can ensure huge business value, and this is what they expect it.

“The survey shows that nearly 29% of companies are fully measuring the value of their investments in IT, and more than 50% are measuring value to some extent,” Stroud said in a statement that was released on Wednesday. “Just five years ago, those numbers would have been significantly smaller.”

About 69% respondents expected their companies to see at least 50% of the value expected from their IT investments. The most common benefits expected from this are better customer service (31.2%), cost reduction (24.2%), and new or improved products and services (17.7%).

Stroud also remarked that “IT has the power to add competitive advantage and significant business value, so it is critical to focus on those opportunities — particularly in troubled economic time.”

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