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Andhra villagers oppose petro coke plant

June 6th, 2012 - 5:03 pm ICT by IANS
Hyderabad, June 6 (IANS) Opposing the proposed calcined petroleum coke plant in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, villagers Wednesday tried to disrupt a public hearing.Tension prevailed in Sitampalem ... Read more...

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Trace elements in toenails show up cancer risk

December 20th, 2011 - 9:30 pm ICT by IANS
London, Dec 20 (IANS) Trace elements present in the toe nail can actually tell whether one is likely to suffer from cancer or not, reveals a study. Researchers from National ... Read more...

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Traces of lithium prolong human life: Study

February 20th, 2011 - 11:03 pm ICT by IANS
London, Feb 20 (IANS) The presence of low levels of lithium in the human body prolongs life, says a new study. Lithium is one of the many nutritional trace elements and is ... Read more...

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‘Miracle’ diet pill that reduces food cravings, burns calories even while sitting!

December 27th, 2010 - 12:22 pm ICT by ANI
London, Dec 27 (ANI): A new 'miracle' weight loss pill that is being used by the likes of Eva Longoria and Courteney Coxis all the rage.Meratol increases metabolism, reduces calorie intake, blocks ... Read more...

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11 Executives Arrested For Smuggling Tainted Honey

September 3rd, 2010 - 7:13 pm ICT by GD
By Gina Gomez Chicago, Sept 3, (THAINDIAN NEWS) United States authorities have been able to break down a smuggling ring which, according to them, is definitely one of the biggest food smuggling cases ... Read more...

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U.S. Indicts 11 Executives Accused By The U.S. Of Involvement In Honey Smuggling

September 3rd, 2010 - 6:20 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work
September 3, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): The powers that be in the US have indicted 11 German and Chinese executives for conniving to unlawfully import honey worth $40m from Communist China. ... Read more...

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18-month-old Chinese girl excretes 21 nails in a month

June 13th, 2010 - 2:01 pm ICT by ANI
New Delhi, June 13 (ANI): An 18-month-old Chinese girl is believed to be suffering from Pica - an eating disorder characterized by persistent cravings to eat nonfood items such as dirt ... Read more...

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Grain sized fossil helps unspool climate change mystery

November 9th, 2009 - 5:30 pm ICT by IANS
Washington, Nov 9 (IANS) Deep under the sea, a sand grain sized fossil nestles among a billion of its closest dead kins. Known as foraminifera, these complex little shells of calcium carbonate ... Read more...

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Seafloor fossils to reconstruct Earth’s climates up to 250 million years ago

November 8th, 2009 - 1:30 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, November 8 (ANI): In a research lasting two decades, a scientist has studied ancient, deep-sea fossils to reconstruct the climates of Earth up to 250 million years ago. The scientist in ... Read more...

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Drilled ice core in Greenland may contain climate history of past 38,000 years

August 25th, 2009 - 2:26 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, August 25 (ANI): A team of scientists has drilled an ice core of altogether 1757.87 m length on the Greenland inland ice within 110 days, which is expected to contain data ... Read more...

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“Great Oxidation Event” may be a result of nickel famine 2.4 billion yrs ago

April 9th, 2009 - 1:03 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, April 9 (ANI): In a new research, scientists have found that a drop in the level of dissolved nickel in seawater may have caused the "Great Oxidation Event" 2.4 billion years ... Read more...

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Novel method of assessing women’’s eggs may boost IVF success

March 24th, 2009 - 5:04 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Mar 24 (ANI): In a major advance towards successful in-vitro fertilization (IVF), scientists have developed a new method to assess the quality of womens eggs and determine which are more ... Read more...

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No evidence to show ”organic food has more nutritional content”

August 8th, 2008 - 1:09 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Aug 8 (ANI): A new research at the University of Copenhagen has shown that there is no evidence to support the view that organic food is better than food grown ... Read more...

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Rag-and-bone mans forgotten cup turns out 3 BC PS100,000 treasure

May 28th, 2008 - 2:38 pm ICT by admin
London, May 28 (ANI): A 2500-year-old gold cup acquired by a rag and bone man in 1930s is expected to rake in 100,000 pounds at an auction in Dorset on June ... Read more...

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Plants maybe better bio-monitors of environment than technology

April 27th, 2008 - 11:13 am ICT by admin
Washington, April 27 (ANI): Researchers have explained how living organisms like plants can be used to track the dispersal of atmospheric pollutants, particulates, and trace elements. Borut Smodis of the Jozef Stefan ... Read more...

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Dietary supplements may not be beneficial for most: Study

April 5th, 2008 - 2:51 pm ICT by admin
Washington, Apr 5 (ANI): A new study from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Dolph Hatfield of the National Institutes of Health has revealed that selenium supplementation in mineral tablets might not be ... Read more...

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Climate change can be measured daily through corals

March 25th, 2008 - 1:55 pm ICT by admin
Canberra, March 25 (ANI): An Australian geoscientist has said that climate change can be measured on a daily basis by monitoring changes in coral.According to Luke Nothdurft, a geoscientist with Brisbane's ... Read more...

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