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New solar system found 127 light years away

August 25th, 2010 - 7:29 pm ICT by IANS
Paris, Aug 25 (IANS) Astronomers have found a new solar system, the largest ever detected, which is believed to have up to seven planets orbiting a sun-like star 127 light years away ... Read more...

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Scientists discover richest planetary system

August 25th, 2010 - 12:58 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Aug 25 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a planetary system containing at least five planets, orbiting the Sun-like star HD 10180 using ESO's world-leading HARPS instrumentThere's evidence of two more planets in ... Read more...

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Infrared image of circumstellar disk illuminates massive star formation process

November 20th, 2009 - 3:51 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, November 20 (ANI): A team of astronomers has captured the first direct, well-resolved infrared images of a circumstellar disk around a young massive star called HD 200775, to illuminate a massive ... Read more...

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Astronomers detect distant Jupiter-sized planet eclipsing its host star

September 29th, 2009 - 5:47 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, September 29 (ANI): Taking the help of a telescope in Florida, astronomers have pinned down the extravagantly unusual orbit of HD 80606b, a Jupiter-sized planet nearly 200 light years away, which ... Read more...

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XMM-Newton telescope uncovers celestial ‘Rosetta stone’

September 4th, 2009 - 12:40 pm ICT by ANI
Paris, September 4 (ANI): The ESA's (European Space agency's) XMM-Newton orbiting X-ray telescope has uncovered a celestial Rosetta stone, in the form of the first close-up of a white dwarf star, circling ... Read more...

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Star’s nebula may be fuelled by double engine

August 6th, 2009 - 3:07 pm ICT by ANI
Munich, August 6 (ANI): Astronomers at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have determined that interactions in a star that has a companion may be the engine fuelling its remarkable nebula.The astronomers found ... Read more...

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Hubble finds life forming organic molecule on extrasolar planet

March 20th, 2008 - 1:08 pm ICT by admin
Washington, March 20 (ANI): The Hubble Space Telescope has found the tell-tale signature of the molecule methane in the atmosphere of a Jupiter-sized planet HD 189733b, which can play a key ... Read more...

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Building blocks of Earth-like planets discovered around star system

November 15th, 2007 - 4:17 pm ICT by admin
Washington, Nov 15 (ANI): Astronomers have discovered colliding planet embryos around the star HD 23514 which might be the building blocks for many rocky terrestrial planets like Earth, Mars or Venus in ... Read more...

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