‘Deficit reduction not by defence cuts alone’

February 29th, 2012 - 1:39 pm ICT by IANS
Washington, Feb 29 (IANS) US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has reiterated that the responsibility to reduce the budgetary deficit cannot be borne by the defence sector alone. "No budget ... Read more...

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Wildfires likely to drive global warming

July 11th, 2011 - 5:32 pm ICT by IANS
Sydney, July 11 (IANS) Fire, one of nature's primary carbon-cycling mechanisms, will be driving atmospheric changes as the world warms. "Fires require fuel to burn and climate strongly affects the type, ... Read more...

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Himachal to earn carbon credits with more forests

June 19th, 2011 - 12:32 pm ICT by IANS
Shimla, June 19 (IANS) In India's first public afforestation scheme, a World Bank-funded project in Himachal Pradesh will not only re-green the hills but also earn carbon credits for the ... Read more...

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Potential therapeutic target for Staph infections discovered

April 13th, 2011 - 5:39 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, April 13 (ANI): Scientists have discovered two genes that encode copper and sulfur-binding repressors in the Staphylococcus aureus, which they say could provide two new potential avenues for controlling the increasingly ... Read more...

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First harmful algal bloom species genome sequenced

February 22nd, 2011 - 2:02 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Feb 22 (ANI): A team of researchers including U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) Joint Genome Institute (JGI) scientists led by Igor Grigoriev has successfully completed and annotated the first genome ... Read more...

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Like humans, amoebae too pack a lunch before traveling

January 20th, 2011 - 3:54 pm ICT by ANI
London, Jan 20 (ANI): Some amoebae do exactly what we do before we travel - pack a lunch.The study, conducted by evolutionary biologists Joan Strassmann and David Queller of Rice University, has ... Read more...

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Wonder grain to drive next agricultural revolution

June 25th, 2010 - 4:32 pm ICT by IANS
Washington, June 25 (IANS) Eco-friendly perennial grain crops, which grow with less fertiliser, herbicide, fuel, and erosion than grains planted annually, could be available within decades, says a study. "Perennial grains would ... Read more...

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Russia to cut budget spending by another 15 percent: Report

February 16th, 2009 - 5:31 pm ICT by IANS
Moscow, Feb 16 (RIA Novosti) The Russian government has instructed ministries to cut spending by another 15 percent on top of the 15 percent budget cuts approved late last year, a business ... Read more...

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Loss of forests spells death of bio-diversity

June 26th, 2008 - 3:42 pm ICT by IANS
Sydney, June 26 (IANS) The earth is losing 15 million hectares of tropical forests every year -- something that could sound the death-knell of rich bio-diversity areas and human well-being. The loss ... Read more...

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World is fast losing battle over tropical habitat loss

June 26th, 2008 - 1:28 pm ICT by ANI
Canberra, June 26 (ANI): A new review by University of Adelaide researchers has shown that the world is losing the battle over tropical habitat loss, with potentially disastrous implications for biodiversity ... Read more...

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