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Victoria’s piano back on display in Kolkata

June 21st, 2012 - 9:27 pm ICT by IANS
Kolkata, June 21 (IANS) On World Music Day, music aficionados of the city got a glimpse of the Victorian era masterpiece - the grand pianoforte on which the Queen Victoria ... Read more...

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Julia Gillard’s shoe held for ransom by protestors

January 27th, 2012 - 10:01 pm ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt
Sydney, Jan 27 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been given a week’s ultimatum to collect her shoes or it will be sold on eBay. The Aborigine tribe in Australia ... Read more...

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dead, youngest son takes over (Third Lead)

December 19th, 2011 - 5:52 pm ICT by IANS
Pyongyang, Dec 19 (IANS) Kim Jong-il, the 69-year-old supreme leader of nuclear-armed North Korea, died Saturday during a train journey. His youngest son was made the "great successor", the ... Read more...

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Forensic student reconstructs Stone Age boy’s face

October 21st, 2011 - 5:24 pm ICT by IANS
London, Oct 21 (IANS) A forensic science student has successfully reconstructed the face of a Stone Age boy who lived outside Stavanger in Norway around 7,500 years ago.Jenny Barber, a ... Read more...

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Justin Bieber’s hair has its own personal bodyguard!

March 30th, 2011 - 6:05 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Mar 30 (ANI): Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber's hair apparently has its own personal bodyguard.The hair that Bieber recently chopped off during the infamous salon session to donate to a charity auction ... Read more...

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Remains of Iron Age dog guarding ancient treasure unearthed

January 27th, 2011 - 4:23 pm ICT by ANI
London, Jan 27 (ANI): Archaeologists have discovered the skeleton of a dog that has lain underground for 2,000 years, protecting a hoard of buried treasure.The dog's remains, about the same size as ... Read more...

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Bush visit was memorable, Obama’s very special: Rajghat official

November 8th, 2010 - 5:07 pm ICT by IANS
New Delhi, Nov 8 (IANS) It was a sombre 20-minute programme when US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle visited the Rajghat Monday. But compared to the 2006 visit of Geroge ... Read more...

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Bhubaneswar Museum exhibits gigantic blue whale skeleton

August 12th, 2010 - 2:26 pm ICT by ANI
By Sharda LehaingirBhubaneswar, Aug 12 (ANI): A skeleton of blue whale is the latest addition to the Regional Museum of Natural History in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.The skeleton is of the Baleen Whale, probably ... Read more...

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ONGC to help preserve Ahom monuments

July 1st, 2010 - 9:17 pm ICT by IANS
New Delhi, July 1 (IANS) State-run oil explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has signed a deal with the Archaeological Survey of India to preserve medieval Ahom dynasty monuments in Assam. A press ... Read more...

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ONGC inks MoU with ASI to conserve Ahom Kings’ Monuments in Sibasagar

July 1st, 2010 - 4:31 pm ICT by ANI
New Delhi, July 1 (ANI): As part of its structured CSR initiatives, ONGC has signed an MoU with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on 29th June in New Delhi to preserve ... Read more...

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Plastic bags main reason behind camels’ death

June 10th, 2010 - 5:38 pm ICT by IANS
Dubai, June 10 (IANS/WAM) Plastic bags may be the main reason behind the death of over 50 percent camels in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a study has said. The study conducted on ... Read more...

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Pope visits Turin to see shroud

May 2nd, 2010 - 6:42 pm ICT by IANS
Turin (Italy), May 2 (DPA) Pope Benedict XVI arrived Sunday in Turin to visit a controversial Catholic relic - a cloth some say is the one used to wrap Jesus' body for ... Read more...

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Republicans left red faced over LA bondage club bill

March 30th, 2010 - 2:48 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Mar.30 (ANI): Republicans spent almost 2,000 dollars last month on a visit to the Voyeur West Hollywood, a bondage and S&M club in Los Angeles.According to The Guardian, the club has ... Read more...

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Holocaust soap made from human fat on sale in Canada!

March 27th, 2010 - 9:30 am ICT by IANS
Toronto, March 27 (IANS) A Canadian store in Montreal has claimed it is selling soap made from the fat of Holocaust victims. The shop has displayed the beige-coloured soap bar inscribed with a ... Read more...

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Walking in the crystal footsteps of Indira Gandhi (25 years after Indira Gandhi’s assassination) (With Images)

October 28th, 2009 - 5:14 pm ICT by IANS
By Minu Jain New Delhi, Oct 28 (IANS) This is where she sat poring over files late into the night, here is where she slept, that is where she greeted visitors and ... Read more...

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Cup Hurled At Mona Lisa

August 12th, 2009 - 8:18 pm ICT by GD
According to sources, the Mona Lisa has been attacked by a Russian woman who hurled a cup at the world famous portrait. The incident took place on 2nd August.A spokesman for ... Read more...

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Picasso drawings stolen from Paris museum

June 10th, 2009 - 11:21 am ICT by IANS
Paris, June 10 (EFE) A sketchbook containing drawings by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso has been stolen from the Picasso Museum in Paris, the police said. The sketchbook, which contained some 30 ... Read more...

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Modern Russia gives no money for new suit for Lenin

April 22nd, 2009 - 9:40 am ICT by IANS
Moscow, April 22 (IANS) The ongoing economic crisis has already had an effect on everyone in Russia, from oligarchs to humble office workers, and now even Vladimir Lenin in his Red Square ... Read more...

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Ancient Hindu sun god bead stolen from Thai museum

March 7th, 2009 - 12:54 pm ICT by IANS
Bangkok, March 7 (DPA) An ancient bead featuring the Hindu sun god Surya was stolen while on display at Thailand's National Discovery Museum Institute, media reports said Saturday. The stone bead, estimated to ... Read more...

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Geronimos descendants sue Yale University secret society

February 21st, 2009 - 2:09 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Feb.21 (ANI): Native American chief and hero Geronimos descendants are suing Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale University with ties to the Bush family, alleging that its members ... Read more...

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Iran’’s six “salt men” in critical condition

February 15th, 2009 - 1:04 pm ICT by ANI
Tehran, Feb 15 (ANI): Reports indicate that the famous six "salt men" of Iran, which are actually ancient Iranian mummies, are in critical condition and have been damaged since their find ... Read more...

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Most Russians want Lenin’s body removed from Red Square

January 21st, 2009 - 11:04 am ICT by IANS
Moscow, Jan 21 (RIA Novosti) An opinion poll has shown that two- thirds of Russians believe that the embalmed body of the Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin should be removed from its ... Read more...

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DiCaprio could play Lenin in new Russian black comedy

August 4th, 2008 - 8:20 pm ICT by IANS
RIA Novosti Moscow, Aug 4 (RIA Novosti) Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio could take on the role of Soviet revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin in a new black comedy, a Russian screenwriter has said. "As ... Read more...

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Gorbachev asks for reburial of Lenins body

June 5th, 2008 - 1:48 pm ICT by ANI
London, June 5 (ANI): Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev has said that the embalmed body of Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin should be moved from its mausoleum in Red Square ... Read more...

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Pharaoh Tut’s bare face to go on public display for the first time

November 14th, 2007 - 1:57 am ICT by admin

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