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Every human being has the right to be happy: Dalai Lama

November 30th, 2011 - 9:36 pm ICT by IANS
New Delhi, Nov 30 (IANS) Making a strong argument for world peace, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama Wednesday said many of the problems besetting humanity today are due to ... Read more...

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Elusive neutrinos being measured more precisely

October 11th, 2011 - 5:09 pm ICT by IANS
Washington, Oct 11 (IANS) Scientists, using one of the most sensitive detectors ever, are now measuring the flow of neutrinos reaching earth more precisely than ever before.The detector probes ... Read more...

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Protein that shuttles RNA into mitochrondria discovered

August 8th, 2010 - 12:36 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Aug 8 (ANI): An essential cell protein plays a key role in shuttling RNA into the mitochondria, the energy-producing "power plant" of the cell, found researchers.Scientists at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer ... Read more...

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New find may help make wrinkles history

July 30th, 2010 - 3:00 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, July 30 (ANI): Researchers have found how folds and other creases disappear on their own-a feat that could shed light on how human tissue folds and grows.In a pair of ... Read more...

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Monsters might be the reason behind extreme chaos in black holes

January 19th, 2008 - 2:10 pm ICT by admin
London, Jan 19 (ANI): Scientists have blamed distortions in the fabric of space- time known as monsters for the extreme chaos present in black holes, which have more disorder than all the ... Read more...

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