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Increasing pollution levels choking India’s lakes

September 29th, 2011 - 1:51 pm ICT by IANS
New Delhi, Sep 29 (IANS) Increasing pollution levels are threatening fresh water bodies worldwide, but the problem is assuming the shape of an environmental crisis in a developing country like ... Read more...

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The dark side of spring - melting snow releases toxins

March 29th, 2011 - 6:26 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Mar 29 (ANI): Spring is finally in the air, but it has a dark side too - melting snow releasing toxins, according to a Canadian researcher."During the winter months, contaminants ... Read more...

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Debates rage over impact of oil dispersants in Gulf

July 12th, 2010 - 12:34 pm ICT by ANI
London, July 12 (ANI): Scientists are worried about the increasing amounts of oil dispersants creeping onshore, and its impact on the ecosystem.Initially, BP and the federal agencies involved in the spill response ... Read more...

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Mystery volcano eruption solves ‘cool decade in the early 1800s’ puzzle

December 10th, 2009 - 4:24 pm ICT by ANI
London, Dec 10(ANI): Researchers believe that a newly detected 19th-century volcanic eruption may solve the mystery of the 'cool decade in the early 1800s'.Scientists have long blamed the 1815 eruption ... Read more...

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Artificial sweetener may help track source of water pollution

May 26th, 2009 - 2:53 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, May 26 (ANI): Swiss researchers have found that the artificial sweetener acesulfame passes through our body into wastewater, survives treatment and accumulates in groundwater, which may help track the source of ... Read more...

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Study finds arsenic threats in Southeast Asia

July 14th, 2008 - 6:19 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, July 14 (ANI): A new model, developed by Eawag researchers, has shown that the contamination of groundwater with arsenic poses a risk to the health of millions of people, especially ... Read more...

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New method developed to map arsenic affected areas

July 14th, 2008 - 2:33 pm ICT by IANS
Washington, July 14 (IANS) A new, low-cost method has been developed to help accurately map areas where the groundwater has been contaminated by arsenic. Earlier, identifying high-risk areas required costly sampling campaigns, ... Read more...

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