Buffaloes to generate biogas in Rawalpindi

June 16th, 2012 - 4:35 pm ICT by IANS
Islamabad, June 16 (IANS) Authorities in Pakistan have decided to move all buffaloes outside Rawalpindi city as part of a move to generate biogas from their dung.Following an administrative order ... Read more...

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Nepal seeks to stop blood bath at biggest Hindu festival

September 28th, 2011 - 2:49 pm ICT by IANS
Kathmandu, Sep 28 (IANS) As the former Hindu kingdom of Nepal starts observing its biggest Hindu festival from Wednesday, the new government's austerity measures and a dogged campaign by animal ... Read more...

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Delayed monsoon leads to scarcity of fodder in Punjab

July 4th, 2009 - 4:53 pm ICT by ANI
By Avtar GillFirozepur (Punjab), July 4 (ANI): Monsoon may have brought in relief in some parts of country, but there are still many places, which are parched and waiting for first showers. ... Read more...

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Investigators say Flight 3407 did not crash nose-down

February 15th, 2009 - 5:52 pm ICT by ANI
New York, Feb. 15 (ANI): Contradicting eyewitness accounts that the Continental Flight 3407 crashed nose-down into a Clarence home, federal investigators have claimed that there''s evidence that the airplane landed flat. We ... Read more...

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Chinese bone inscriptions discovered to be 1000 yrs older than previous finding

January 26th, 2009 - 12:54 pm ICT by ANI
New Delhi, Jan 26 (ANI): Recently discovered bone inscriptions in a province in China have been analyzed to be approximately 1000 years older than those found in another area in the ... Read more...

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Madhya Pradesh government bans buffalo fights

March 1st, 2008 - 9:35 pm ICT by admin
Bhopal, March 1 (IANS) The Madhya Pradesh government has banned buffalo fights held in the state during the festive season, a government source said Saturday. In a letter written to the joint ... Read more...

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Post Diwali, Bhopal cheers to buffalo fight

November 14th, 2007 - 10:29 am ICT by admin

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