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Engineers develop ‘e-mosquito’ to test blood

April 25th, 2009 - 4:38 pm ICT by IANS
Toronto, April 25 (IANS) An "Electronic Mosquito" could replace invasive methods of drawing blood samples from diabetics to check glucose levels. The common method of drawing blood from fingertips and using glucose ... Read more...

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‘E-mosquito’ to the diabetic rescue

April 25th, 2009 - 1:08 pm ICT by ANI
Washington, Apr 25 (ANI): University of Calgary researchers have made a discovery that could change diabetics' lives forever.A skin patch, called 'Electronic Mosquito', could provide a less-invasive alternative for diabetics who ... Read more...

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Cricket Australia commissions research for chucker detecting device

February 25th, 2009 - 5:52 pm ICT by ANI
Melbourne, Feb.25 (ANI): The International Cricket Council and the MCC have commissioned a research by Cricket Australia, Griffith University and the Australian Institute of Sport into developing a device to detect ... Read more...

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Chemical treatment gave Stradivarius and Guarneri violins unique sound

January 23rd, 2009 - 11:58 am ICT by ANI
Washington, January 23 (ANI): A controversial theory that Stradivarius and Guarneri violins obtained their unique sound due to the chemicals used on the instruments, not merely the wood and the construction, ... Read more...

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Computers as effective as experts in reading mammograms

October 2nd, 2008 - 1:28 pm ICT by ANI
London, October 2 (ANI): Computers can read mammograms to spot breast cancer nearly as effective as experts, according to a new study. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Cancer ... Read more...

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Non-invasive alternative to test blood-sugar level developed

February 24th, 2008 - 4:33 pm ICT by admin
Washington, Feb 24 (ANI): The daily routine of diabetics to prick the finger to check blood-sugar levels might soon be passe, for a Baylor University researcher has developed an electromagnetic sensor that ... Read more...

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