WWE Raw: Cena Takes Out Nexus

December 7th, 2010 - 12:24 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

john-cena_20 Dec 6 (THAINDIAN NEWS) WWE Monday Night Raw opened last night with scenes to remind us of Jerry the King Lawler’s loss to The Miz, which Michael Cole interfered in, causing the loss of Jerry’s only title shot ever. Michael came out to apologize and tell how traumatic last week was for him, and the hate mail he had received because of his actions. He said he would not apologize for the way he feels about The Miz. As Cole kept speaking, Jerry stated to him “I’m going to come and give you what I think I owe you.”

As Jerry walked toward the ring, an email came from the GM, which CM Punk had to read. The GM stated that any physical altercation between Michael Cole would lead to immediate termination to the guilty party. The GM went on to insist that Jerry get into the ring and shake Michael’s hand, which Jerry did. But when Michale went to walk away, Jerry did nit let go. “Okay Cole, no physicality, but I think there is someone in the back that may have something to say to you.”

At that point Randy Orton’s music started up, and Cole looked as if he had seen a ghost. The Miz had taken Orton’s championship while he was beaten down with a ‘Money in the Bank’ match. Orton told Michael to send a message to Miz. He said he did not blame Miz for what he had done, because Orton would have done the exact same thing. He said that the difference between him and Miz is that he had proven himself, and Miz had not. Orton went on to promise that he was taking back the WWE Championship,”Tonight”.

Miz stepped out and reminded Orton that he does not have to defend his title for two more weeks, at the ‘Ladders, Tables, and Chairs’ match. Orton told Miz that the only way he could beat Orton was by having someone come to the ring and beat Orton down before Miz comes out to win. Alex Riley then challenged Orton to a match, which Orton accepted. Before leaving the ring Orton RKO’d Michael Cole, much to the delight of Jerry.

Ted DiBiase came to the ring accompanied by Maryse, and waited for the arrival of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella of the Bella Twins for a mixed tag team match. The Bryan/Bella team when Brie managed to pin Maryese for a three count.

John Cena, who has promised not to stop until he takes down every member of Nexus burst into Otunga’s room and beat him, and another Nexus member down, and then ran out. Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith were up next, with Kidd winning the match.

Santino and Vladamir came out next to meet The Usos, Mark Henry and Yoshi Totsu, and Heath and Gabriel of the Nexus. The Nexus members kept their eyes on the crowd, likely watching for another attack from John Cena. The Usos were the first to be eliminated. John Cena came out from under the ring to distract Gabriel, costing the Nexus tag team their Tag Team Titles, which were won by the team of Santino and Vladamir.

Sheamus made his way to the ring wearing a strange crown with horns, and a long green royal robe. He sat on his throne and called himself “far superior to all of you people out there”. He went on to brag of ending the career of Triple H and taking his crown. He was soon interrupted by John Morrison, who proceeded to make fun of Sheamus’s antics. A fight soon broke out, over the fact that Morrison refused to bow to “King Sheamus”, which Morrison won.

Alex Riley made his way to the ring to meet Orton. Orton immediately dominated the match and began to punish Riley, but Riley soon made a comeback, and went after Orton’s knee. Randy soon got his second wind and began to pummel the other man, and Riley tried to get out of the ring, but to no avail. Orton pulled him back in and was about to win the match when Miz interrupted, which ended the match.

Orton was down from Miz attacking him while his back was turned, and the Miz pulled a table out from under the ring. It was all a move which seemed planned by the Miz all along. But Orton wasn’t about to let Miz finish what he started. Orton got back up, and went after Riley, as Miz just watched. Orton slammed Riley through the table, and Miz did not make one move to help Riley.

Wade Barrett called John Cena to the ring, because he had “something to get off his chest”. As Cena came into the ring, Wade warned Cena that if he so much as threatened Wade that the Nexus would come to the ring and beat him within an inch of his life. Barrett went on to tell Cena that he would never rehire him. Cena just laughed.

“Wade you are just so stupid. Dude, being fired is actually not that bad. I am still part of the WWE Universe!” He went on to tell how much he loved buying tickets and tailgating with the WWE Universe, and with so much time on his hands all he has to do is sit around and think up ways to make Nexus miserable. “So keep me fired, and all I have to do, every week, is buy a ticket, and make you miserable.” Cena went on to tell Wade that if he were any kind of man he;d rehire him on the spot, and fight it out like a man “in this ring tonight!”

He went on to say that no matter what he would never stop attacking Wade. Wade stated that was a threat and ordered Nexus to take Cena out, but the Nexus walked out one by one and left wade on his own to face Cena. For the first time ever, Nexus has disobeyed direct orders from Wade. Cena continued to pummel Wade all over the steel steps, the announcers tables, and the floor until Wade finally ran out of the ring in fear of Cena, who stood in the middle of the ring in victory. It looks as though John Cena may have managed to do what no one else could, and dismantled the Nexus. Wade found the Nexus members and began to yell at them, as Otunga turned around and told their former leader, “You may not be giving orders around here anymore. Next week, you either hire John Cena back, or YOU are out of the Nexus.”

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