Tiger Woods Mistresses update - Mistresses count is up to 12

December 12th, 2009 - 3:13 am ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt  

Tiger Woods Florida, Dec 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) After a static mistress count for over 24 hours, the mistress’s count is increasing again. Now the foreign mistresses have also opened their account in the latest Tiger Woods scandal. Loredana Jolie is the latest woman who is linked with Tiger Woods scandal. She is from Sicily, and is said to the first identified foreign mistress to have surfaced.

Here is today’s list of all Tiger Woods mistresses with all the new and the latest additions.

1) Rachel Uchitel denied the affair out-right but apparently now she is selling her story to the tabloids and is was also the person who arranged everything for the golfer right from dinner to new hookers to any drugs that he wanted.

2) Jaimee Grubbs is a sexy 24 years old cocktail waitress who claims that she has 300 text messages and voicemails to prove her affair with Tiger Woods. Later she also apologized to Tiger’s wife Elin for her affair.

3) Kalika Moquin is another sexy 27 year old who is a Marketing Director with the Bare Pool Lounge. Their affair started in very appropriate location i.e. the sin-city Las Vegas.

4) Mindy Lawton is a 33-year-old waitress from Orlando who had a 3-month hot and the happening fling with the ace golfer Tiger Woods. She was madly in love with the golfer Tiger Woods, but apparently he was interested in only the physical aspects of the relationship and not the emotional part of the relationship with Mindy. Mindy’s sister revealed all these details to the media.

5) Cori Rist is a model and a divorcee with a 7-year-old son who had an affair with the ace golfer Tiger Woods. She also introduced him to her son, who is a huge fan of his.

6) Jamie Jungers is a 26-year-old lingerie model. She sold her story to a tabloid and earned mega-bucks for kissing-&-telling her tale.

7) Holly Sampson is a 36 year old raunchy actresses well known for her various porn flicks. She has done about 85 movies so far in this hot and happening league. And according to reports, ‘she is not denying that she met Tiger Woods.’ “She has no comment on the matter,” Holly Sampson’s Denver-based lawyer Andrew Contiguglia told The News.

8) An unidentified 26-year-old waitress is claiming to be Tiger Woods mistress but at the same time is trying to remain anonymous too, as being embroiled in this Tiger Woods scandal now could destroy her professional reputation in her corporate life now. Her Florida-based lawyer Michael O’Quinn represents her.

9) Mistress number 9 is unidentified so far. The only detail that is known about her is that the alleged Mistress No. 9 is a “sexy” British TV presenter. She doesn’t want her name to be sullied because now she is married, but at the time of the affair she was single and quiet freely available.

10) Alleged Mistress No. 10 is also unidentified and the only thing known about her is that she is known to be a “sex-addicted cougar.”

11) Joslyn James is another porn star to be Tiger’s mistress. She claimed to be quiet a regular in Tiger Woods life. It is claimed that she is a Tiger Woods ‘regular’ and provided him ‘years of fateful service.’

12) Loredana Jolie is from Sicily, and is said to the first identified foreign mistress to have surfaced. Loredana Jolie has worked as a Playboy model too. She was also named as the “Cyber Girl of the Week” in September 2002.

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