Tiger Woods, A Regular In Las Vegas Casinos

December 22nd, 2009 - 9:04 pm ICT by GD  

By Gina Gomez
Tiger WoodsDec.22, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Apart from having an almost unending appetite for woman,Tiger Woods also had a passion for gambling, sources reveal. According to recent reports, the ace golfer was a regular at gambling casino’s in Las Vegas which supposedly was responsible for introducing him to the ‘culture of adultery’.

It has also been revealed that the champion golfer had a taste for high stake gambling and reportedly also had a $1 million betting limit. The combination of betting, gambling and easy woman turned out to be irresistible for the golfer who indulged in all the pleasures that the sin city of Las Vegas offered him. Moreover, sources have added that Tiger Woods often frequented a number of clubs in Las Vegas where he often would be seen accompanied by other spoiled rich athletes. The golfer could be spotted in high profile clubs of the sin city such as the Mansion, the Bank and Tryst. Especially, the MGM Grand casino club Mansion was supposedly one of the golfer’s favorite places, where he would be in the company of hot females who would be ready to cater to the golfer’s needs.

Meanwhile, it has also been expressed that the golfer could on a number of occasions would be seen in the casinos with other sports star Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, who were his friends. Moreover, Tiger Woods was also known for his gambling skills which enabled him to- at times- win close to $1 million in a single night. However, that did not necessarily mean that the golfer never lost money and was even known to lose enormous amounts of money in his gambling ventures.

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