Suicidal Jim Leyritz gets hospitalized

May 15th, 2009 - 9:41 pm ICT by GD  

The gloomy tale of Jim Leyritz, the former sluggers of the New York Yankees has taken yet another turn.

The ex-Yankee man, who was waiting for his trial for the dangerous drunken-driving crash of December 2007 that resulted in the death of a woman, was rushed to the hospital on 13th May, following his suicide threatening. This threat to to kill himself was triggered by his failing a Breathalyzer test that was required to start his car, reported the Florida police, the day following his hospitalization.

After being taken to the hospital he told the police that off late he was “under a lot of stress” arising from the legal problems.

According to Bill Coyne, the spokesman for the Florida police force, said that Jim had breathed into the Breathalyzer device on Wednesday, before starting his car, the device gave an indication that Jim was drinking. However, second time around when he blew in the device again the device indicated that he had not been drinking.

The Breathalyzer device was ordered by the court for his car, following the fatal crash, so as to monitor him for any alcoholic use before and at the time of driving. According to the courts order, Jim must blow into the device before starting his car and at intervals when he is driving.

In regard to the incident, J. David Bogenschutz, the attorney for Jim Leyritz, said that on Wednesday Jim had done everything that he could do, to the extent of going to his probation officer to take a urine test in order to prove that he was not drinking.

The authorities have taken his urine sample and if the test shows positive result, then it would infringe the clauses of his bail.

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