Spiritualist worries about India’s spinal health

September 28th, 2008 - 3:11 pm ICT by IANS  

New Delhi, Sep 28 (IANS) For spiritualist and mind healer Anoop Shukla, the human spine is a biomechanical marvel that controls moods, mobility and the general flow of good living.”Spinal problem is a universal problem. They affect 80 percent of modern society. Sedentary and hectic lifestyles are the contributory factor,” Shukla, in his 30s, told IANS.

The diminutive spiritualist with a wavy mane and quiet manners is working on music as an effective therapy tool. But it is the spine and the back which keep him occupied.

“Back pain affects eight out of 10 individuals at some point of their lives. Back sufferers who do not respond to conservative treatment may require surgery. Emotional stress also aggravates back pain,” Shukla explained.

He has written a book, which he says is meant for those people - both young and old - who are suffering from corporate stress. “Youngsters may become impotent because of this stress, unhealthy lifestyles and back problems.” Sexual glands, says the therapist, do not work properly when a person is stressed.

India may be the country with the highest number of impotency cases in the next 20 years because the bulk of the youngsters are opting for jobs in business processing centres, which have unhealthy working hours. “The situation is alarming. It is one of the reasons why I have picked this topic for my book ‘Spine and Mind Management’,” he says.

Shukla was born in Allahabad and earned a master’s degree in philosophy from Allahabad University. He has been influenced by the writings of Maharishi Patanjali and the great poet-saint Kabir, and has read and imbibed a lot from thinker Jiddu Krishamurthy.

“I have carried forward the ideals of Maharishi Patanjali and have modified his sutras to suit the needs of the day,” Shukla said.

His spiritual guru Abhilash Das of Allahabad introduced him to various schools of yoga. He culled elements from each and used them in a daily practice that works very well to lead a happy, healthy and harmonious life.

He has been practising yoga for 18 years and claims to have cured those suffering from lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes and spinal disorders. Shukla has five centres in New Delhi, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kathmandu (Nepal) and Karachi (Pakistan).

Shukla’s yogic solutions are simple and easy for all to follow. “Yoga actually is an antidote for problems of body and mind such as fear, anxiety, stress, frustration, insomnia and short temper,” he says.

The spine healer recommends a regimen of standard exercises like neck rolling, shoulder rotation, stretching or tadasana, kursi asana (chair posture) and trikona (triangle) asana to start with. It can be followed by an hour of yoga depending upon the time schedule.

He also suggests meditative solutions like “pranayam” or breathing techniques, energy control or “bandh” and muscle crunching intermittently or after work to relieve stress. “But one must be careful while doing paranayam.”

A person suffering from spinal injuries should take a few precautions. “Before starting pranayam, the bladder and the bowels should be emptied. Pranayam should be practised on an empty stomach. Give at least four hours gap between meals and the practice,” Shukla says.

The spine therapist, who is married to a classical vocalist, is working on a new mind therapy with the help of his wife. It works on the inherent healing powers of music. “I am composing new notations that can accompany the meditation and the guru’s discourse to heal the mind from depression, disorders and lifestyle-related stress,” he says.

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