Shah Rukh worked his money magic on Knight Riders (Special)

June 10th, 2008 - 10:56 am ICT by IANS  

By V. Krishnaswamy
The IPL hangover continues and so it shall for some time to come. While the news for many of top performers is great as some find a place in the national side soon after the seven-week jamboree, the bigger question is who has made money and who did not. Armchair critics and economists, have via pink newspapers and magazines declared that Shah Rukh Khan alone made money in the first season. For obvious reasons, it is hard to refer to the team as Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) instead of SRK’s team! Maybe that is reason enough to see why, if he has, made profits in the very first season.

It would be no surprise if SRK-KKR go in for an IPO in the near future, maybe as soon as the third season. By which time, he may even have ensured that the team performs and wins.

There is talk that most promotional appearances SRK made in recent weeks were credited as KKR’s income. SRK’s time was seen as a major source of revenue for KKR. Nothing wrong, for he as part-owner is among those responsible for the revenues.

While every other owner was trying to talk of extra expenditures they had to incur and the concessions they were unable to get from various authorities, SRK focused on what was in his hands. He had once jokingly - that’s what we then thought - said that if his team required he would do a few extra dances. That’s what it seems he has done to turn figures on the balance sheet from red to black.

True he may have bought the team because he wanted to do it for his kids, but it is obvious SRK-KKR were very keen to make a strong beginning as far as the business is concerned. It would give them the first-mover advantage and the masses would obviously love to have a piece of SRK or at least a piece of KKR. So, KKR’s merchandise was available all over the country and, as the clich

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