Peaches Geldofs drug deal caught on tape

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Amy Winehouse

London, May 04 (ANI): Sir Bob Geldofs daughter Peaches has been caught on tape buying drugs from Amy Winehouses alleged dealer.

Peaches, who has always denied using cocaine like her tragic mum Paula Yates, was viewed on the same video in which Winehouse was caught snorting crack.

She was recorded on the secret video camera as handing the drug pusher up to 190 pounds and asking for another fix the next day.

Im going to need Valium tomorrow after this, News of the World quoted her as saying.

Even though she had vowed never to go the same way as her mother, the video shows the 19-year-old doing otherwise.

She will be questioned by the police this week.

According to reports, the video footage will come as a hammer blow to Peaches dad Sir Bob, who has said he would go f*****g ballistic if his daughter sets off down the same drugs road that killed her mum.

The Peaches clip was found on a PC memory stick containing the Winehouse scenes, which hit the headlines in January.

Cops had seized it from couple Jonny Blagrove and Cara Burton, as part of their investigation into what police suspect is a celebrity drugs empire run by the pair.

The secret camera picks up the couple talking to Peaches, who is clutching 140 pounds in her hand. Then Blagrove tells her the deal will cost her 190 pounds.

Peaches is seen agreeing to this, and then telling the couple she will need Valium the next day.

According to the News of the World, the Peaches footage was shot the day before Blagrove filmed Winehouse smoking crack in a set-up at her home.

Now detectives want to hear Peaches version of events.

She will be interviewed some time this week and asked to explain what is happening in the video and why she is handing money over to the couple, a police source said.

It is all part of a large investigation into alleged drugs dealing, the source added.

The existence of the secret video will come as a shock to Peaches, who did not know she was being targeted by the cunning pair.

On her TV show Teenage Mind she revealed that she was not into doing drugs.

Teenagers today have nothing to rebel against. They are rebelling in taking drugs and drinking and partying and not really changing anything.

Theyre not really making a mark on society and I think thats wrong, she said.

Ive never done coke. My friends do drugs but I would never use them. This is really upsetting for me.

Im not stupid. Why would I do that in front of a camera, for a start? Ive spoken to Dad and hes very upset, but hes supporting me, she stated.

Her 55-year-old father stood by her, insisting that she was okay and that she was exactly the way kids her age were.

If she went off the track I would go f*****g ballistic. Shes a pain in the a*** sometimes like all kids, but shes all right. She is a 17-year-old girl who did well in her AS-levels, he said.

She is allowed to go to no more parties than other kids. If I honestly thought she was doing anything I should be concerned about, I would go f*****g berserk, he added. (ANI)

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