Nastia Liukin robbed Olympic medal

August 20th, 2008 - 2:34 am ICT by David M N James  

The hype is that Nastia Liukin was robbed her chance for a gold medal. She deserved the Gold!! And that’s the hype all over. Nastia lost the fair chance after she was beat by He Kexin of China. Nastia Liukin lost in the uneven bars, losing a gold-medal tiebreaker to China’s He Kexin. This followed contentious admissions by officials over the current assessment and winner ascertaining rules. This has made the Olympics to be bombarded by dissonance over allegations of unfair judging.

Both He Kexin and Nastia Liukin won the gold when they posted 16.725 scores with high-flying routines in gymnastics. Kexin was jubilated by over 18,000 fans as well as her father and coach. Nastia and He were shocked when the announcer made the final announcement that it’s He Kexin who had won the gold. This came as a surprise to everyone since the announcement was made after the last gymnast in the eight-person final performed. He was declared the winner of the intricate tiebreaker, determined by a computation of the averages of six judges’ scores.

A very unhappy Liukin told journalists that “It wasn’t that I got second by three- or five-tenths, I had the same exact score, and that’s what makes it a little bit harder to take. Unfortunately, you can’t control the judges. After you land the dismount, it’s all up to them.” The IOC officials assessed the tiebreaker as a 0.33 of a point difference and that Liukin had a lower average of form deductions on her routine. Liukin and He got 7.7 start values. Liukin remorse was shared by FIG president Bruno Grandi who stated clearly that Liukin deserved the gold.

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