Lakers Riot: Quite a chaotic celebration

June 16th, 2009 - 12:18 am ICT by GD  

Perhaps this is an influence of people from Detroit and Philadelphia that riots are taking places even in Los Angeles. So the authorities are a bit concerned with the kind of shape celebrations will take as people of Los Angeles feel that they have to have more of riots. Fans are excited with the new way of self expression primarily derived from influences outside LA. The winning of the game on June 14th resulted to a chaotic celebration of fans of the Laker team. Wondering what happened, then lets scape through the incidents that happened in front of the eyes of people present at the spot.

It was found that their was a racket created by the fans as they broke into coffee shops, juice outlets, damaging property. The fans broke glasses and entered shops to steal shoes, hope they were aware of the size of the shoe they were stealing! They were seen destroying stands, attacking police cars and buses, and rolling over other cars.

Sights and descriptions reveal that at least one police cruiser has been damaged and excited fans have not stopped from setting bonfires on streets, quite knowingly which apparently added to a lot of commotion. However, thankfully, no injuries have been reported. Its just a new way of jesting that people have come up with not realizing the chaos and inconvenience they create even forcing LAPD officers to gear march the streets. Around 25 members of the crowd were arrested and at last reinforcement officers were sent to take control of situation and disperse the crowd.

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