Kobe Bryant wife upset with maid and flirtatious comments

June 15th, 2009 - 5:17 pm ICT by GD  

Kobe Bryant is well known for his highest score of 81 points which is the highest in a single game in NBA history. He was the one to easily pursue his basketball career in NBA. While working on his debut music album he met Vanessa Laine, a background dancer of a music video and fell for her. She was in high school at that point and after 6 months of courting they got engaged and later on in the year 2001 they tied knots. Kobe Bryant was marrying at an early age which was not acceptable by his parents; moreover, the girl was not Afro-American which is why he left home and never got in touch with his parents.

As Kobe aims at winning the NBA title, his ex maid Maria Jimenez has filed a suit against the Bryant’s. Kobe’s lawyer is desperately trying to win over the lawsuit as the maid accused Kobe’s wife of blaming and abusing herinfront of the entire family for stealing her mouth freshener. Quite a trivial matter as it seems, but the maid will not budge from the allegations of emotional unrest, unpaid wages and unjustified accusations.

Kobe was upset due to the flirtatious nature of Malone who went about saying weird things to Vanessa. At one point when Vanessa asked Malone why he was wearing a cowboy hat, Malone replied “I am hunting for young Mexican girls” and at that point Vanessa walked away. Malone did not seem to draw any line and was outrageous in asking Vanessa directly” Do you like me”. Not surprising as to why Kobe feels hurt and left out.

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