Jeanette Lee, the ESPN2 attraction and super pool player

September 12th, 2008 - 4:00 pm ICT by David M N James  

Jeanette LeaJeanette Lee, a lady born in 1971, has made her mark.

Jeanette Lee is so revered for her flamboyant, sexy style as her calculated strategy and marksman like precision at the pool table. Lee is a popular American pocket billiards player and she renowned “The Black Widow”. She is the smartest female pool player of the time. She has a reputation of bing flamboyant and quite alluring.

Jeanette is the main attraction to those watching ESPN2 because she is their occasional star in coverage of pool competitions. Jeanette is dubbed the uber babe who is an attraction and a sexy figure making male watchers of the pool game to get hooked to the game. Jeanette Lee, aka The Black Widow, is famous and popular when she bends over a pool table with a long stick and line up and send the ball thundering to the hole.

She is half-Korean but Native American pool player. She was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1971.

Commenting on Sara Palin VP’s ambitions, family issues and her daughter pregnancy as well a marred marital; issues, Lee said that “It’s not a sexist thing,” who is raising a 15-month-old baby of her own. “If my family was having these sorts of issues, I wouldn’t be putting them in the spotlight and making them go through this publicly. For her to walk away from her baby with special needs just shows her character. I feel like she should pay more attention to her whole family.” Lee said.

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