Jamie Jungers Denies Having Tiger Woods’ Nude Photos

December 24th, 2009 - 7:03 pm ICT by GD  

By Madhuri Dey
jamie2Dec. 24, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Tiger Woods’ ex-mistress Jamie Jungers has been caught lying in an interview. When asked whether she does have any nude pictures of the golfer with her, she replied in the negative. By the looks of it, she had probably not expected to be asked this question once more after all the furor over the alleged pictures had more or less died down, and did not have the time to ponder over her former reply. In fact, her denial of possessing the pictures was in complete contrast to what she had reported just a few days earlier.

Only some days back, Jamie Jungers had been invited to an interview in which she affirmed that she did have pictures with her that would be substantial proof of the intensity of her affair with the celebrity golfer, pictures she had shot of Tiger Woods in a hotel room when he was drunk.. and naked! At that point of time, she had been quite assertive of the existence of the pictures, claiming that she had kept them with her in case their affair fizzled out.

In fact, one of the members in her family had also affirmed the existence of the pictures, saying that she felt it was a smart move on Jamie Jungers’ part to have retained the pictures. Now, the cocktail waitress’ sudden denial of the possession of the pictures leads one to question her honesty, and why she chose to deny. The commonest speculation is that she might have been paid off by Tiger Woods, the same way Rachel Uchitel had supposedly been, to keep mum about the issue.

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