Indian fans hit by racist chants in Boxing Day Test

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Melbourne, Dec.28 (ANI): Australian fans reportedly racially taunted Indian supporters at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the second day of the first Test between India and Australia.
Despite Cricket Australia’s zero-tolerance policy, police and security staff did not eject any of the fans accused of the racial taunts, the Herald Sun reports.
“Show us your visas, show us your visas,” the Australian fans chanted. Indian fans told the Herald Sun that the chant was “offensive, ugly and racist”.
One said the chant created “a potentially explosive situation”.
Some Australian fans said that those responsible should have been thrown out of the ground.
Twenty-two-year-old Heath Robbins of Geelong said that attacking a person’s country was simply not on.
“Everyone feels offended when they are attacked on the basis of their residency or where we came from,” said an Indian supporter, who asked not to be named.
Another said: “It is racist, and yes, we are offended.
Cricket Australia officials and police investigated the incident, with extra security staff and police being dispatched to the old Bay 13 section.
Insp Bob Hill said a police senior-sergeant was sent to the area to investigate the incident.
“The Indian fans interviewed said they were not offended by the chant so there was no need for anyone to be ejected,” Inspector Hill said.
Cricket Australia spokesman Peter Young said no action could be taken against those involved in the chant because it was not reported to police or security, despite them being within metres of those responsible.
“But we urge anyone who considers comments to be racist to report them to police and security staff. Racism is in the eye of the beholder,” Young added.
Mr Young refused to brand the visa taunt racist, despite the Herald Sun telling him several Indian supporters had been offended.
The incident follows a promise by Cricket Australia that racist taunts would not be tolerated and that those using them could be banned from the MCG for life.
Some 63 people were ejected from Thursdays crowd of 44,691. Another eight were arrested for being drunk and two charged with assault on another patron.
This follows 113 ejections and 11 arrests on the opening day (Wednesday). (ANI)

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